How do you encourage one of the world's biggest industries to reduce their carbon footprint? - Greer Gosnell leads Virgin Atlantic field experiment which saves up to 6.8 million kg of fuelTheatrum Mundi presents winners of the 2016 global ideas competition 'Designing Respect'How can we fix democracy?Misleading at best and intentionally inaccurate at worst - Dr Jason Hickel challenges the UN's good news story on hunger and poverty

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Children involved in cyber-bullying much more likely to view web content containing self-harm and suicide

A new study on the link between cyberbullying and suicide has found that ten per cent of children are involved in cyberbullying and that they are much more likely to view web content containing self-harm and suicide. 

Favelas toolkit for social change rolled out to another 400 million people

A toolkit aimed at improving the lives of the urban poor across the globe will be rolled out to a potential new audience of 400 million people this week when it is translated into Spanish.

Are UK drivers ready to give up the wheel?

A survey of UK motorists shows that people who find driving stressful and are confident about technology are, on average, more comfortable with the prospect of autonomous vehicles on our roads.

Raj Chetty

The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility 

Raj Chetty, Professor of Economics at Stanford University will give three lectures over three consecutive days in the 2016 Lionel Robbins Memorial Lecture series asking the question "How Can We Improve Economic Opportunities for Low-Income Children?" He will discuss findings from the Equality of Opportunity Project, which uses big data to develop new answers to this important and timely policy question. Event date: Monday 24-Wednesday 26 October


Rich People Poor Countries: the rise of emerging market tycoons and their mega-firms

Like the robber barons of the 19th century Gilded Age, a new and proliferating crop of billionaires is driving rapid development and industrialization in poor countries. The accelerated industrial growth spurs economic prosperity for some, but it also widens the gap between the super rich and the rest of the population, especially the very poor. Event date: Tuesday 25 October

Newly announced public events

Newly announced events include Fawcett Society CEO Sam Smethers speaking on a panel discussing Women in Politics; former Chancellors Alistair Darling and George Osborne talking about the UK economy; adventurer Sarah Outen on her round the world journey; and David Cameron’s Director of Politics and Communications Craig Oliver on the inside story of Brexit. 

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Speaker: Professor David Stasavage (pictured)
Recorded: Wednesday 12 October 2016, approx. 91 minutes    

Everyday Sexism                                                                   

Speaker: Laura Bates
Recorded: Tuesday 11 October 2016

Speaker: Dr Brian Klaas
Recorded: Thursday 13 October 2016

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